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                                                                                                                  MKM Artist / Kamila C.                                                                                        MKM Authors / Margita C., Kamila C., Marcela C.

MKM Artist / Kamila C. - original hand painted art works

- oil paintings on canvas, acrylic paintings on canvas, watercolour paintings, illustrations for childrens' books, hand made crafts, hand made accessories, interior decorations 

Here I have original Artworks painted with acrylics, oils on triple primed 100% cotton canvases, also  watercolour, charcoal painting and illustrations on acid free paper. I create hand painted arts  of predominantly flowers, nature, animals, faces and illustrations for children’s books. I also experiment with abstract art paintings. I paint with full of joy, love, and patience, so they can spread good positive energy.

Painting and hand crafting (which includes handmade jewellery, sewing, modelling with modelling clay and modelling yellow mud) had been for me always natural. I have decided to share my love and my hobby with the rest of the world.

The paintings are signed and dated, plus added the name of art, the material used and the email address.

If you have any questions regarding some art painting please drop a line.

Thank you.

MKM Authors / Margita C., Kamila C., Marcela C.

- children's eBooks, beauty eBooks

About the Authors:

Each of us had for years that beautiful, unfulfilled, secret dream to write the books. But we never knew about each other desires. Since we found out, we started to edit our old existing notes, and began to publish our books since 2014. At the present we write, illustrate and edit together also the new stories.

We are extremely happy and thankful, that we could fulfil another one of our dreams. We hope you will enjoy to read our books, as much as we enjoy to write them for you.

Thank you from all our hearts to make it happen, to make it real. Thank you very much for reading our books.

Margita, Kamila, Marcela

- Childrens' eBooks:

The monkey and the lion,

The tortoise and the snails 

are available on, search for mkm artist.

- mkm artist and author/ Margita C.

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