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The images from the eBook "Less wrinkles by natural way"




 written by MKM Artist

You all know, that getting old is a natural part of your life. No one of you will avoid the wrinkles. But by good and regular care about yourself, you can slow down the process of creating them. The prevention is the most important against premature aging of your skin. If you desire the fastest effect, the best is to combine the regular care about your skin, with the care about your body internally and externally (the attention of what you eat, drink, breathe, the exercises, the massages, moisturizing, your meditations, etc.). Then the results clearly show on your look. The earlier you will start, the better the effect you will achieve. This simple guide will direct you straight to the point, by advising you simple, practical, beauty, anti-aging tips and secrets. It describes, how to look after yourself psychically and physically, even when you are busy, the beauty tricks for a younger look, the instructions for home-made face peelings, tonics, masks, creams, and body peelings, a few tips for fresh, youthful makeup and much more. The book is chiefly dedicated to you, who want to avoid expensive cosmetic clinics or salons and you prefer natural beautification. You will be convinced, that not only models, actors and singers can look younger in older age. It will be very happy, if this book will inspire you and my practical experiences will help you in the same way, as they serve me.